About Dr. Keys

Dr. Jonathan Keys’

Approach to Aesthetics

Aesthetic excellence isn’t found on the cover of magazines or on a shelf at the beauty counter – it’s found in the harmony and balance of each patient’s unique facial anatomy and features. For instance, a chandelier and a gazelle – each is remarkable to behold, yet distinct in its own right.
No matter your cosmetic concerns and desires – maintaining your natural appearance, enhancing your features, or being ahead of the curve in keeping the aging process at bay – KeysMD can provide an ideal solution to suit your needs and lifestyle.

A World Away from the Everyday.

One might think that medicine, artistry and beauty have always been at 3 opposing ends of the spectrum – yet at KeysMD, they find themselves working in perfect harmony to deliver incredible patient outcomes.

The cosmetic clinic experience can often seem cold, pretentious, or intimidating – despite the renewed confidence that medical aesthetic treatments can provide when administered by the very best hands. In this pursuit, Dr. Jonathan Keys embarked on launching KeysMD; bringing his world-class training and passion for patient care to the heart of downtown London.