Whether you see it on your hands, arms, or decolletage – crepe-like, discoloured and aging skin can keep your confidence from shining through. You deserve the unmistakable results that our UnlockRadiant IPL Photofacials can deliver in just minutes.

Many of our patients will return for several UnlockRadiant IPL photofacial sessions to receive the very best results. Those who suffer from rosacea and visible veins will especially love IPL to deliver the even skintone, smooth appearance and vibrant skin at last.

UnLockRadiant is a next-generation IPL PhotoFacial, which works through a broad spectrum of light which is transmitted through a smooth, transparent handpiece placed over the skin. The body’s natural processes then remove the injured tissue giving the skin a more even and youthful appearance. IPL Photofacials often consist of full-face treatment or treatment of isolated body areas like the hands or chest.

As a non-invasive procedure, IPL PhotoFacials are available to a wide range of people. Not only is the procedure itself gentle, it’s quick and requires no downtime, making it perfect for people with busy schedules. Those patients with darker skin tones, and/or those who have recently tanned may not be ideal candidates for treatment.

One of most alluring elements of the UnlockRadiant IPL photofacial is that there’s essentially no downtime. Although your skin may appear rosy for a day or two following your treatment, you can get right back to your day after treatment with proper sun protection.

The ultimate “photo filter”, UnlockRadiant is an ideal treatment for those with sun damage, blotchy skin, or dealing with discoloration and hyperpigmentation. It also reduces the size of pores while improving wrinkles.

  • Treatment Length: 30 minutes or less
  • Downtime: None (be sure to wear sunscreen after treatment)
  • Sessions required: A minimum of 3
  • Discomfort Level: Very minimal (0-2 of 10)
  • Results last: Permanent, with proper maintenance and skincare

What Our Clients Say

“Thanks so much for providing a professional, clean, warm and welcoming environment. Also, for making my experience so comfortable . I am very happy with the results of my Botox injections and can’t wait to visit again.”

Becky O.

Becky O., Google Review

“Dr. Keys was very professional and invested the time to listen and learn about my need to come in. The office is very clean and there is lots of parking which is hard to find in this central area. I would certainly recommend.”

Chris M.

Chris M., Google Review

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